How to Write Python Class Static Method 2024.

How to Write Python Class Static Method.

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A python class static method in Python is a method that is an instance of a class rather than a member of it. It can be accessed using the class name rather than an instance of the class.

Python Class Static Method
Python Class Static Method

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Following Example of the Python Class Static Method.

To define a static method in a Python class, you need to use the @staticmethod decorator before the method definition. Here’s an example:

class MyClass:
    def my_static_method(arg1, arg2):
        # method code goes here

In the above example, my_static_method is a static method in the MyClass class. It can be called using the class name, like this:

MyClass.my_static_method(arg1_value, arg2_value)

Note:- that static methods don’t have access to the instance of the class or its attributes. They’re mostly used for utility functions that don’t require any class or instance-level information.

Static methods are useful when you need to define a method that’s related to the class but doesn’t rely on any instance-level information. They can also help improve the performance of your code by avoiding the overhead of creating an instance of the class.

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